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With over 18 years in Wyoming, we have the experience
From trying multiple brands of wigs and hairpieces from different suppliers.
We found that one brand cannot cover the needs for all of our clients so, we carry
Products from multiple suppliers and brands. This is why we are able to offer the best in wigs and hairpieces Enjoy our wide variety of styles to choose from.
Get stunning, ready-to-wear hair from our wig store for a look you will love.

Our Products And Services

At Hair Pieces, Wigs, Etc., we specialize in and provide a large array of beautiful designer wigs. We offer all kinds of wigs in various different lengths, styles, colors, and brands. Our trained stylists can help you determine the perfect wig for you.


Frustrated with bad-hair days or going through a cancer treatment? We have a selection of wigs to keep you looking beautiful. We will try the wigs on you to find you the best fit. We will also shape and cut the wig to suit you. Choose from our existing wigs or personalize your own.


Hair thinning? Get partial hairpieces to add volume to your thin hair. Our hairpieces are designed to blend flawlessly with your natural hair. Book a hair consultation with our experts today and flaunt your beautiful thick hair.

Hair Extensions

If you’re looking to add length to your natural hair, hair extensions are an ideal solution. Give yourself a new look instantly with our variety of hair extensions. Visit our salon and select the extensions that match your hair for a great look.

Wig Servicing

Including shampooing, conditioning and restyling

Brands We Carry

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